Meet the Father-Son Team

Phil & Dick Bouman

Philip is an avid traveler and has known his share of uncomfortable, rickety beds. Since 2014, Philip has worked to supply clients with the most bed-bug resistant bed in the industry – The reason; Strength comes from a good night’s rest. Dick, Phil’s Dad, joined the organization in 2016, and immediately reinforced ESS with his background in steel fabricating. As a family-owned business, we know the importance of community, and hope our products can be a cornerstone for yours.

Our Mission and Values

We believe in the inherent dignity of every person. With dignity, comes value, respect, and worth. We believe that every individual, regardless of their background, deserves a good night's sleep, a safe and sound place to close their eyes. Getting a good night's sleep provides the strength to face the challenges of the day ahead. The strength to work diligently, the strength to search for new opportunities, the strength to save lives, the strength to cultivate new relationships, and the strength to thrive in all aspects of life.

Our History

Founded by Engineer William Lewis in Essex, England, Equipment Supply Solutions (ESS) has been offering furniture solutions since 2010. Lewis utilized his engineering experience with P&O Ocean Liners to design innovative, durable, aesthetically pleasing products for the commercial furniture market. In 2017, we began offering our industry-leading furniture and accessories to residential customers.

Since its inception, ESS has focused on creating furniture at an affordable contract price. To achieve this on an international scale, we work with a world-class roster of suppliers and quality manufacturers around the globe.

Bunk Beds for Camps

Our Staff and Collaborators

The ESS Universal Team monitors the quality of our products from manufacturing to distribution. Our team includes veteran sales professionals, manufacturing overseers, engineers, and designers.

To maintain quality control, they've created a series of unique design and manufacturing processes. It ensures that all of our commercial and residential product lines are meticulously crafted and shipped on time, every time.

Association Memberships

We are proud to be members of several associations.